Christmas Products & Prices

An industry leading 30%* of all purchase price ordered by your parents will come directly to your school/PTA group.

* 30% of the products price excl VAT.

We aim to despatch orders within a week!

We keep our range of products focused on what really sells with parents.  We have been producing products for schools and PTAs for over 10 years and know what parents like to buy.  Our range is focused on what really sells well!

Another advantage of a more focused range of products is that our despatch times to parents are far shorter than some of our competitors.  Parents don’t want to wait two weeks or more for their children’s Christmas cards!  We target despatch within a week of an order being received, which improves parents satisfaction with the ordering process.  Our more focused range of products enables a significantly faster target despatch time.

10% savings for parents ordering before November

To encourage your parents to order as early as possible we offer a 10% discount on all products ordered before November.  This will be clearly printed on your order forms to encourage parents to order early.  This discount will be applied automatically, so your parents don’t have to fiddle around with discount codes!

To give your parents the greatest chance to obtain this discount you need to get your finished drawings back to us as early as possible, allowing enough time for us to scan your drawings and get the personalised order forms sent back to you!  We would recommend sending your drawings back no later than the start of October, if you want to give your parents a chance to make use of this additional discount.

Postage Charges for Parents

We use Royal Mail exclusively as our preferred delivery partner.  To keep costs as low as possible for parents we use the RM48 service, which provides proof of delivery and typically takes 2-5 working days from despatch to delivery.

Our aim is to charge only enough to cover the cost of Postage and Packaging (P&P), but to keep things simple we have only two prices, which apply as follows:

  1. If an order contains 2 or fewer packs of cards and weighs less than 750g then we charge a flat £2.25 for P&P. This covers the vast majority of all orders and we would expect most to be capable of fitting through a standard letterbox.
  2. All other orders will be charged £4.00 for P&P, depending upon exactly what is ordered may not fit through a standard letterbox.