How it works

Runs from January to July every year.

Find out how our Summer project works from start to finish.

1.) Order your drawing templates

After registering an account with Little Acorns simply log into your online account and "Create a New Project".  You will be prompted to order your drawing templates (which are the pieces of paper that the children are required to complete their self portraits on).  These will be sent to your address of choice without charge and without obligation.

Once your have had your children create their self portraits the completed drawings should be sent back to our offices for scanning.

Little Acorns Art
2.) Scan your drawings

Once your drawings have arrived at our offices we will send an automated email confirming their receipt.  We will now get busy scanning your artwork into our systems.

Once this has been completed we will produce personalised order forms (one per drawing received) which we will post back to you.  You will receive an email when these are despatched to you.  

This typically takes around one week from the date we receive your drawings.

3.) Distribute order forms to parents

Once you have received your personalised order forms these need to be distributed to parents.  The order forms contain all the details that parent's require to place an order online for items in respect of their own children. 

All names and artwork are hidden from public view and can only be accessed using the order forms unique PIN code.

4.) Place Orders Online

Parents can use the unique PIN code on their order forms to access the online shop and purchase items in respect of their child.

If your parents experience any problems they can contact Little Acorns Art using our Live Chat/Ticketing system to resolve any problems.

All purchases earn commission for your PTA/School.

Little Acorns Art
5.) Send Orders Direct to Parents

As orders are received by Little Acorns Art our team of experienced print operatives will print the items and pack them for despatch.  All items  are posted direct to parent's to their chosen address.

The last date for orders is Friday 12th July.

Commission will be calculated in the summer months (July & August) and paid directly into your chosen bank account by BACS.