The best School Tea Towels in the UK

If you are looking to run a school tea towel project then you’ve come to the right place.

Little Acorns Art runs the easiest and most innovative tea towel projects in the UK.

Available January to July as part of our summer fundraising project.

Why are our School Tea Towels so special?

Zero risk School Tea Towels

One of the many benefits of our school tea towel project is that it is completely risk free.  Unlike some other providers you do not need to purchase towels in bulk to them resell at school (potentially leaving towels unsold or not having enough to satisfy all possible sales).  All orders are produced to order, so you cannot be left with unsold towels or miss out on valuable profits.

You decide how to "group" your children

Also the bespoke nature of our tea towels means that you can choose to other “class tea towels” or “year group tea towels”, separating your children into whatever “groups” make sense for your school.  This allows you to choose grouping that are more likely to appeal to parents (parents will often know multiple children in a class or year group but not throughout the whole school).  This added appeal will feed through into greater sales as the parents will recognise more of the “faces” on the towel.

Why choose single colour when you can have FULL Colour?

If you have been shopping around looking at different providers of fundraising tea towels for your pre-school, nursery or primary school then you have seen there is a choice to be made between single colour designs and our full colour designs.  Single colour designs are considerably cheaper to manufacture which is why have have been used so much in the past.  However the cost of printed full colour tea towels is now only slightly more and allowing the children to utilise full colour means the designs are much more eye-catching when produced in full colour.  The result?  More sales and happier children!

Fab Full Colour?
Boring Single Colour?